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Resilient microbiota and performance

Resilience microbiota and Performance 

An animal is in fact an ecosystem with more bacteria cells than host cells. Much of the resilience we are looking for is thus due to its microbiota. A resilient microbiota means a bacterial ecosystem that is able to support external challenges such as dietary and environmental issues, vaccinations, antibiotic replacements,... Birds start their life without being exposed to their mother hens, and  rapid growing broilers have to develop their own microbial ecosystem, which need to be stable and resilient in a rather short time.
What links resilient microbiota and performance: more homogeneous performance, reduced mortality, better “resistance” to stress or challenging conditions.

What a resilient microbiota means: How to define it, how long it takes to obtain such a resilient microbiota…

How we influence the microbiota through feed formulation and dietary changes: from feed materials (fibers, substrates) to feed additives (probiotics, prebiotics…) and their interaction with microbiota… 

How hot conditions can affect the microbiota

Are some of the aspects discussed with Prof Ducatelle and Prof Rychlik

But resilient microbiota is only part of the resilience of an animal.