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Reilient Microbiota
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MycoInfo Webinar Series AMERICAS

It is well-known that mycotoxins impact animals in different ways, and the performance of animals is not the only concern. As a consequence, the amount of inventiveness, time and money the producer should allocate to mycotoxin control becomes a real puzzle.

Adisseo MycoInfo's Webinar series aim to gather experts around a table to together draw up a picture of a holistic mycotoxin management.

Subtitled in Spanish


Binding & mycotoxins adsorptions? (SP) 1/5

  • Dr. Vito D’Ascanio Post doc researcher, ISPA, Italy

Impact of mycotoxins on immune system? (SP) 2/5

  • Dr. Isabelle Oswald Head of Research center in food toxicology, INRA, Toxalim, France

How mycotoxins affect reproductive, digestive & respiratory systems? (SP) 3/5

  • Dr. Hilde Van MeirhaeghePoultry Consultant, Vetworks, Belgium

Mycotoxin and oxidative stress? (SP) 4/5

  • Dr Peter Surai, Vitagene and Health Research Centre, UK

Bio-inactivate mycotoxins with host & microbiota (SP) 5/5

  • Dr. Guillermo Tellez-IsaiasUniversity of Arkansas, USA
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