Feed intake & Palatability

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Factors affecting sows voluntary feed intake during lactation

In swine industry, the focus is on growing-finishing pigs for the meat production but two phases are very important to consider: the sow from pregnancy to lactation and the piglets which will have to face a drastic change of feed presentation from milk to solid feed and like kids the mixing with others and the separation from the mother. 

Sow eating comportement is important in order to encourage her to eat at the level of nutrient required, Bruno Sliva is explaining the key factors that affect sow voluntarly feed intake.

His key messages is followed by the slides of his presentation.

Feed intake & Palatability

Feed intake & Palatability

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Feed intake & Palatability

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Feed intake & Palatability

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Feed intake & Palatability

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Feed intake & Palatability

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Feed intake & Palatability

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