Advantages on involuntary culling and herd structure dynamics


The objective of this webinar is to create awareness of how different events that happen throughout the lactation cycle impact the herd’s make-up and affect the overall economics of the dairy.  Estimating the long-term effects of non-contemporary events is not an easy task considering all the moving parts happening daily at any given dairy.  This is why Dr. Cabrera has developed multiple tools to link events and, via detailed calculations, determine the short- and long-term consequences, from the milk production and herd make-up to ultimately estimate the economics of implementing different management practices or using different nutritional approaches.

In this webinar, Dr. Cabrera explains how some of the simulation models were created. Then we introduce a tool developed by our technical team with Dr. Cabrera to help the end user visualize the full economic impact, taking into consideration changes in dry matter intake, milk volume and composition, health and reproduction when implementing strategies to feed diets that are amino acid balanced.

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