Gut Health

Butyrate: a key functional regulator for the intestinal mucosa

Speaker: Prof Hervé BLOTTIERE, MICALIS & INRA, Paris, France
We are an holobiont, an ecosystem of micro-organisms and host cells. The intestinal microbiota is a stable community in healthy humans producing a lot of metabolites among with butyrate is important.
The early exposure to poor bacterial diversity will compromise immune response and favors gut disorders and other diseases including cardiovascular and brain ones. Dietary fibres are essential dietary components that will help supporting a rich microbiota promoting a better global health.

Butyrate is an energy source for colonocytes, controls cell proliferation, stimulates mucus production, inhibits inflammatory responses, regulates intestinal macrophage function, inducing T-reg cells, inhibiting histone-deacetylase thus impacting overall metabolism. Butyrate has also been shown as AHR nuclear ligand new pathway, having thus strong effect on immune response in humans.

Advancia Academy 2019- Butyrate: from the Nutrient to the Messenger - Presentation
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