Heat Stress

Dailing down heat stress mechanically and nutritionally

May 05, 2021

Robert J. Collier, PhD, Department Head College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Department of Animal, Veterinary and Food Sciences, University of Idaho.

Robert Collier’s expertise spans environmental and lactation physiology, endocrinology, and molecular biology. He has authored or coauthored 400 peer reviewed journal articles, chapters, reviews and abstracts; 65 popular articles; and 11 U.S. patents. He has received numerous awards and honors from industry associations and groups, publications, and universities.

Phil Cardoso, DVM, PhD, Associate Professor Department of Animal Sciences University of Illinois.

Phil Cardoso conducts research and provides outreach programs in dairy nutrition and reproduction. His experiences with dairy farms, both in Brazil where he grew up and the USA, bring a different perspective and management skills that help him with current discussions.

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Heat Stress

Heat Stress

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