Nutritional Requirements

Roundtable with Experts on phosphorus

Speakers: Prof Layi Adeola from Purdue Univ, USA; Prof Markus Rodehutscord, Univ of Hohenheim, Germany

We need to move toward a common methodology to measure phosphorus availability and determine P requirements: going away from non phytate P to Total Ileal Tract Digestibility of P.

From feedstuffs to enzyme supplementation: how to get more P available and to reduce the indigestible P through a better knowledge of substrates and enzyme activities.

Round table with Experts on phosphorus

Two worldwide experts on phosphorus share their ideas on how to determine P availability within feedstuffs and P requirements of poultry and swine.

Prof Layi Adeola (Purdue Univ, USA) and Prof Markus Rodehutscord (Hohenheim Univ, Germany)

Nutritional Requirements

Nutritional Requirements

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Nutritional Requirements

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Nutritional Requirements

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Nutritional Requirements

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Nutritional Requirements

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Nutritional Requirements

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