Strategic use of methionine to impact reproduction of the dairy cow

This webinar links nutrition with dairy health and reproduction. Health, particularly after calving, impacts reproductive outcomes two-to-four months later. Poor health and reproductive performance can each lead to undesirable cullings.

The challenge is to connect these two maladies. They don’t occur at the same time, so few people make the connection between them. During the webinar, the speakers give clear explanations of how the nutrition after calving is connected to reproductive problems and higher culling rates, and provide examples of how nutrition, specifically the essential nutrient methionine, helps cows overcome these stresses.

Features: Dr. Phil Cardoso, Associate Professor of Animal Sciences, University of Illinois, USA. Dr. Mateus Toledo, Dairy Nutrition Consultant, Land O’Lakes – Purina Animal Nutrition, USA. Dr. Daniel Luchini, Head of Ruminant R&I, Adisseo.

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