The Contrasting Functions of Nutrition on Reproduction in Dairy Cows


With Milo Wiltbank, Professor of Animal and Dairy Sciences and Endocrinology–Reproductive Physiology, University of Wisconsin, USA

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Nutrition can alter reproduction in lactating dairy cows, and the varied ways in which this occurs are discussed. Six different well-studied pathways are presented that can improve fertility and reduce pregnancy loss in dairy herds with examples provided. Attaining a high fertility cycle is emphasized.


• How deficiencies in vitamin E near the end of pregnancy can alter reproduction in the subsequent lactation.

• How high milk production can alter reproductive traits (double ovulation, twinning, expression of heats, pregnancies per AI) and how programs like Double Ovsynch can overcome these effects.

• How high body condition score loss during the early postpartum period can reduce pregnancies per AI and how herds attain the high fertility cycle.

• The interaction of feeding rumen-protected methionine with health disorders on time to pregnancy.



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