Ensure a good start to the lactation cycle of the dairy cow

This webinar gives you an appreciation for the science behind the indexes (LFI, LAI, PIRI) used to gauge the liver health of cows during the transition period. The discussion includes how to use and interpret the indexes, and their importance in guiding management practices. The conversation closes with why it is important to assure that the pre-fresh diet contains enough methionine to help cows cope with postpartum challenges.
To summarize, we discuss the importance of the transition phase to the whole lactation cycle, what areas to work on to lower unwanted cullings, and the tools we have to assess the challenges cows experience during the peripartum period.

Features: Dr. Johan Osorio, Assistant Professor, One Health, Virginia Tech, USA. Dr. Erminio Trevisi, Head of Department of Animal Sciences, Food Nutrition, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy. Dr. Daniel Luchini, Head of Ruminant R&I, Adisseo.

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