Nutritional Requirements

#8/20 - Knowing the NE values of ingredients is only half the problem. We need to know what the requirements are on a NE basis as well. How do we do that practically?

Speakers: Dr Jean Noblet, Dr Pierre-André Geraert and Pierre Cozannet 

What in practice you need for talking about requirements is to know what’s the energy concentration of the feeds you are formulating. Most of the time, the simple answer about requirements, it’s what should be the energy concentration of my feed.

Q&A #8/20 - Webinar #11 on Net Energy, Feed Formulation and animal performance
After education on Net Energy in the SEV, time now to get our expert, Jean Noblet answering questions from the field. The short introduction will be followed by 9 questions answered by Jean, Pierre Cozannet with Pierre-André Geraert as moderator of the webinar.
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