IHSIG 2019

Gut Health

Using meta-technologies in understanding how the microbiota affects intestinal health

244 views July 02, 2019

Speaker: Prof Joël DORE, MICALIS, Metagenopolis, INRA, Paris, France We are an ecosystem, in...

Gut Health

Approaches to identify biomarkers for intestinal health and the first tools that become available for poultry by Prof Filip VAN IMMERSEEL

252 views July 02, 2019

Speakers: Prof Filip VAN IMMERSEEL, Faculty Vet Medicine, Ghent Univ, Belgium New technologies...

Gut Health

Campylobacter is not a commensal in chickens and compromises gut health and performance

117 views July 02, 2019

Speaker: Dr Lisa WILLIAMS, Swansea, UK Campylobacter is not a harmless commensal, affecting...

Gut Health

Why do we need to understand microbial pathogenesis?

82 views July 02, 2019

Speaker: Prof Mark STEVENS, the Roslin Institute the Royal School of Vet Studies, Univ of...

Gut Health

Antibiotics, probiotics and anti-virulence: balancing efficacy and evolution

78 views July 02, 2019

Speaker: Prof Sam BROWN, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA Drug resistance is an important...

Gut Health

Histomonosis and the molecular repertoire of Histomonas meleagridis

199 views July 02, 2019

Speaker: Prof Michael HESS, Clinic for Poultry Fish Medicine, Christian Doppler Lab, Univ of...

Gut Health

Steering immune responses using nutritional interventions: should it be pro- or anti-inflammatory?

122 views July 02, 2019

Speaker: Prof Adrian SMITH, Oxford, UK How can we analyze nutritional interventions? Assessing...


What is an ideal feed additive for broilers and how can we assess this?

143 views July 02, 2019

Speaker: Prof Steven RICKE, Director of Food Safety, Univ of Arkansas, USA Alternative to...

Environment Impact

Enhancing the sustainability of poultry systems

196 views July 02, 2019

Speaker: Prof Ilias KYRIYAZAKIS, School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Newcastle, EU It...