Introduction to CNCPS v7 to more cost effectively AA Balance

November 16, 2023 amino acids, dairy cows, formulation
Soon – perhaps before the end of 2023 – we will see the release of CNCPS version 7. This much anticipated update will include many enhancements which should enable dairy producers and their nutritionists to formulate better diets that will improve dairy productivity and profitability. This webinar will discuss CNCPS and the update to version 7 with Dr. Mike Van Amburgh and Dr. Andrew LaPierre from Cornell University.  They both have been actively working to complete this project, and together they have a great understanding of both the long-term “big picture” as well as the in-depth understanding of the fine details of the model.  In this webinar they will share their insights and perspectives on the changes to the CNCPS model, the potential impact these updates will have, and some thoughts on CNCPS moving forward.   
Features: Dr. Mike Van Amburgh, Professor, Cornell University, USA. Dr. Andrew LaPierre, post-doctoral associate, Cornell University, USA. Mike Shearing, Global formulation Manager, Adisseo.
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