Smart Science Series

Methionine's Impact on Sustainable Performance

During this Webinar Dr. Johan Osorio, South Dakota State University is presnting his insights on: Metionine's Impact on Sustainable Performance Methionine, beyond being the key building block in milk protein synthesis, plays other important metabolic roles to facilitate the transition from dry cow to lactating cow. Methionine’s impact on liver function at many levels is important to minimize health challenges around parturition, alleviate immunosuppression, promote dry matter intake, and thus enhance lactation performance. Evidence is accumulating on the positive role of methionine on gene transcription and fetal programming opening the doors for a more efficient, sustainable dairy production industry.

Dr. Johan Osorio, South Dakota State University

Smart Science Series
Through the Smart Science Series of six webinars, explore the rewards of amino acid balancing and ration formulation. In the first five webinars, a university professor discusses the aspect in which he is the top industry expert. The sixth webinar is forward looking, as two university professors discuss aligning genetic potential with nutritional requirements for longevity and sustainability.

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