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Feed Technology

Feedase, fibres & P, Estelle Bonnin Questions & Answers Session

77 views November 12, 2019

Poultry Swine Conferences 2019 Feedase, fibres P: The complexity of the indigestible...

Nutritional Requirements

Fibres in layer diets: properties and nutritional functions

341 views January 23, 2018

Speaker: Knud Erik Bach Knudsen Dietary fibres: key feedstuffs to optimize layer nutrition....

Gut Health

Microbial ecology : from indigestible fraction to cross-feeding

254 views December 15, 2017

Speaker: Richard DUCATELLE More than bacteria profile, metabolites produced by microbiota will...


Factors of variation of animal digestibility

205 views December 15, 2017

Speaker: Prof Knud Erik BACH KNUDSEN (Aarhus University, Denmark) Session 1: Transforming...