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Gut Health

Webinar #10 : Resilient Microbiota and Performance

438 views June 12, 2020

Speakers: Prof Ducatelle, Prof Rychlik and Dr Pierre-Andre Geraert An animal is in fact an...

Gut Health

Poultry: Gut health, Prof Richard DUCATELLE Questions & Answers Session

55 views November 12, 2019

Poultry Swine Conferences 2019 Poultry: Gut health: Dietary fibres, short chain fatty acids...

Gut Health

Nutritional steering of intestinal health to control Salmonella

97 views October 31, 2019

Speaker: Prof Richard DUCATELLE (Ghent Univ., Belgium) Presentation: Managing the gut...

Gut Health

Improving gut health by modulating the digestive microbiota? New insights from metagenomic studies

141 views August 01, 2019

Speaker: Fanny Calenge Gut healthPlenary Session 3 – Gut health – take on new approaches ESPN...

Gut Health

Histomonosis and the molecular repertoire of Histomonas meleagridis

296 views July 02, 2019

Speaker: Prof Michael HESS, Clinic for Poultry Fish Medicine, Christian Doppler Lab, Univ of...

Gut Health

Prof Filip VAN IMMERSEEL presentation introduction

161 views October 10, 2018

Speaker: Prof Filip VAN IMMERSEEL (Ghent University, Belgium), introducing its presentation:...

Gut Health

Dr Fabrice LAURENT presentation introduction

78 views October 10, 2018

Speaker: Dr Fabrice LAURENT (INRA, France), introduces his presentation: Protective and...

Gut Health

Protective and deleterious intestinal immune responses: the case of a protozoan infection

92 views September 25, 2018

Speaker: Dr Fabrice LAURENT, Avian Pathology Department, INRA, France Parasites affect the...

Gut Health

Mucosa-associated bacteria and their interactions with host cells: how can we feed the beneficial ones?

156 views September 25, 2018

Speaker: Prof Filip VAN IMMERSEEL, Vet Medicine, Ghent Univ, Belgium Mucosa-associated bacterial...

Heat Stress

The gut under hot climates: challenging microbiota

475 views April 05, 2018

Speaker: Prof Richard Ducatelle, Ghent University, Belgium The most metabolically active cells...

Gut Health

Microbial ecology : from indigestible fraction to cross-feeding

254 views December 15, 2017

Speaker: Richard DUCATELLE More than bacteria profile, metabolites produced by microbiota will...

Gut Health

A field experience of gut health monitoring

60 views December 15, 2017

Speaker: Manoosak WONGPHATCHAARACHAI Investigating the gut microbiota in practical conditions...