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Production Efficiency

Feather pecking: nutritional approaches to reduce/avoid

66 views August 01, 2019

Speaker: Annemarie Mens Layers Plenary Session 2 – Nutrition of layers ESPN 2019 The 22nd...

Gut Health

Interaction between nutrition, immunity, the gut microbiome and poultry health

89 views August 01, 2019

Speaker: Mike Kogut Gut healthPlenary Session 3 – Gut health – take on new approaches ESPN...


What is an ideal feed additive for broilers and how can we assess this?

278 views July 02, 2019

Speaker: Prof Steven RICKE, Director of Food Safety, Univ of Arkansas, USA Alternative to...

Gut Health

Why do we need to understand microbial pathogenesis?

118 views July 02, 2019

Speaker: Prof Mark STEVENS, the Roslin Institute the Royal School of Vet Studies, Univ of...

Gut Health

Butyrate: a key functional regulator for the intestinal mucosa

629 views April 24, 2019

Speaker: Prof Hervé BLOTTIERE, MICALIS INRA, Paris, France We are an holobiont, an ecosystem...

Gut Health

Dietary modulation of gut microbial short-chain fatty acid metabolism

248 views April 24, 2019

Speaker: Dr Petra LOUIS, the Rowett Institute, Aberdeen, UK Microbiota has multiple functions...

Gut Health

Microbiota is necessary for the development of Immune system

301 views October 23, 2018

Speaker: Prof Bernd KASPERS, Inst Vet Medicine, Univ Munich, Germany The gut immune system...

Gut Health

The concept of resistance, tolerance and sensitivity to Eimeria in broilers

143 views December 15, 2017

Speaker: Damer BLAKE Addressing the relationships between broiler genetics, Eimeria species,...

Gut Health

A field experience of gut health monitoring

60 views December 15, 2017

Speaker: Manoosak WONGPHATCHAARACHAI Investigating the gut microbiota in practical conditions...