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Nutritional Requirements

Webinar #11 - Net Energy, Feed Formulation and animal performance: How to move from theory to practice?

449 views October 07, 2020

Speakers: Dr Jean Noblet, Dr Pierre-André Geraert and Pierre Cozannet Last June, we completed...

Production Efficiency

#6/8 - NE of diets & ingredients

545 views May 28, 2020

Speaker: Dr Jean Noblet Based on his long scientific experience, we have asked Dr Jean Noblet to...

Nutritional Requirements

INRA 2018 Feeding System for Ruminants: Major Innovations

844 views March 27, 2020

Speaker: D.Sauvant, PhD Professor Emeritus, AgroParisTech INRA, France Presentation: Gain a...

Feed Technology

Importance of enzyme-substrate relationship optimization for animal feed: the case of arabinoxylans

220 views October 31, 2019

Speaker: Dr Pierre COZANNET (CERN, Adisseo, France) Presentation: Anticipating the enzyme...