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Gut Health

Webinar #2: Understanding Gut Health in poultry production

432 views March 04, 2021

Speakers: Prof Theo Niewold; Prof Filip Van Immerseel and Dr. Pierre-André Geraert Watch more...

Gut Health

Microbial ecology : from indigestible fraction to cross-feeding

254 views December 15, 2017

Speaker: Richard DUCATELLE More than bacteria profile, metabolites produced by microbiota will...

Gut Health

Scientific Background on Understanding Gut Health in poultry production

283 views December 15, 2017

Prof Filip van Immerseel and Prof Theo Niewold share their expert insights on Scientific...

Gut Health

The metabolic microbiota and Nutrition Ecology

217 views December 07, 2017

Speaker: Dr Filip VAN IMMERSEEL (Ghent University, Belgium) Session 3: Feeding the birds or...