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Nutritional Requirements

Advancia 2016: Celebrating 10 years of...

106 views June 17, 2021

Speaker: Dr Pierre-André GERAERT, Director Innovation Marketing, Adisseo France SAS Sulfur amino...

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Prof Filip VAN IMMERSEEL presentation introduction

209 views June 11, 2021

Speaker: Prof Filip VAN IMMERSEEL (Ghent University, Belgium), introducing its presentation:...


Prof Markus RODEHUTSCORD presentation introduction

735 views June 11, 2021

Speaker: Prof Markus RODEHUTSCORD, (Univ Hohenheim, Germany) introducing its presentation:...

Gut Health

Prof Bernd KASPERS presentation introduction

497 views June 11, 2021

Speaker: Prof Bernd KASPERS (Univ Munich, Germany), introduces his presentation: Microbiota is...

Gut Health

Dr Estelle DEVILLARD presentation introduction

135 views June 11, 2021

Speaker: Dr Estelle DEVILLARD, Health by Nutrition RD Team (Adisseo, France), introduces her...

Gut Health

Prof Peter SURAI presentation introduction

121 views June 11, 2021

Speaker: Prof Peter SURAI (Feed-Food Ltd, Scotland), introduces his presentation: Redox...

Nutritional Requirements

Prof Mike KIDD presentation introduction

126 views June 11, 2021

Speaker: Prof Mike KIDD (University of Arkansas, USA), introducing his presentation: Amino...

Gut Health

Prof Todd APPLEGATE Presentation introduction

281 views June 11, 2021

Speaker: Prof Todd APPLEGATE from University of Georgia (USA) introduces his presentation:...

Gut Health

Dr Fabrice LAURENT presentation introduction

109 views June 11, 2021

Speaker: Dr Fabrice LAURENT (INRA, France), introduces his presentation: Protective and...

Gut Health

Strengthening intestinal frontier: key for...

205 views June 11, 2021

Speakers: Prof Mingan CHOCT, Univ New England, Australia; Pierre-André GERAERT The intestinal...


EggDay 2017 Introduction

157 views June 16, 2021

Speaker: Dr Pierre-André GERAERT The challenge of the layer industry: producing eggs in the most...