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Impact of mycotoxins on immune system - MycoInfo 2/5

94 views May 31, 2021

Speaker: Dr. Isabelle Oswald Head of Research center in food toxicology, INRA, Toxalim, France...


How mycotoxins affect reproductive, digestive and respiratory systems? - MycoInfo 3/5

145 views May 31, 2021

Speaker: Dr. Hilde Van Meirhaeghe Poultry Consultant, Vetworks, Belgium It is well-known that...

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Les récentes avancées sur Campylobacter dans la filière avicole

269 views April 01, 2019

Speaker: Marianne Chemaly (ANSES) et Julie Mayot (FIA). JRA 2019 - 13th Poultry Research Days,...

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Enteric diseases in poultry: the virus factor

135 views December 15, 2017

Speaker: Holly SELLERS The viral enteric diseases: a difficult diagnostic and a complex...

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The future of broiler production: antibiotic-free

102 views December 15, 2017

Speaker: Greg MATHIS Interrelationship between Necrotic Enteritis and Coccidiosis in Broilers,...