Smart Science Series

Reproduction: Roles of Methionine and Lysine

During this webinar Dr. Phil Cardoso, Department of Animal Science, University of Illinois is prsenting his insights on: Reproduction: Roles of Methionine and Lysine Fulfilling amino acid requirements contributes to dairy reproduction, production, and health. The essential nutrients methionine and lysine impact reproduction in several ways: Through follicle quality, uterine environment, embryo composition, pregnancy recognition, pregnancy loss, placenta signaling, and calf birthweight.

Smart Science Series
Through the Smart Science Series of six webinars, explore the rewards of amino acid balancing and ration formulation. In the first five webinars, a university professor discusses the aspect in which he is the top industry expert. The sixth webinar is forward looking, as two university professors discuss aligning genetic potential with nutritional requirements for longevity and sustainability.

Smart Science Series


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