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Heat Stress

Mechanistic understanding of intestinal barrier dysfunction induced by heat stress

115 views August 22, 2019

Speaker: Prof Sami DRIDI Univ of Arkansas, USA Presentation: Understanding and mediating the...

Gut Health

Metabolic insight into the action of butyrate in the gut and beyond

186 views April 24, 2019

Speaker: Prof Kolapo AJUWON, Purdue Univ, USA Butyrate improves the gut integrity through...

Gut Health

The use of exogenous butyrate, and the stimulation of endogenous intestinal butyrate production, in broilers

382 views April 24, 2019

Speaker: Prof Filip VAN IMMERSEEL, Faculty Vet Medicine, Ghent Univ, Belgium Salmonella is...

Gut Health

Take home messages of the day on strengthening the intestinal frontier: key for performance

155 views September 25, 2018

Speaker: Prof Mingan CHOCT, Univ New England, Australia Gut integrity: a hard topic for...

Heat Stress

Raising poultry in hot tropical environment

1,857 views April 05, 2018

Speaker: Dr Ferry Poernama, Feed Tech Nutrition Director, Japfa Comfeed, Jakarta, Indonesia...

Feed intake & Palatability

Specific dietary appetites in broilers with hyperthermia

180 views April 05, 2018

Speaker: Prof Eugeni Roura, Queensland Univ, Brisbane, Australia The 1st consequence of heat...

Gut Health

A field experience of gut health monitoring

58 views December 15, 2017

Speaker: Manoosak WONGPHATCHAARACHAI Investigating the gut microbiota in practical conditions...