Gut Health

Metabolic insight into the action of butyrate in the gut and beyond

Speaker: Prof Kolapo AJUWON, Purdue Univ, USA

Butyrate improves the gut integrity through strengthening the tight junctions as well as stimulating immune response and reducing inflammation induced by pathogen bacteria. Moreover, it is clearly shown that endogenous, from fiber-degrading intestinal bacteria or exogenous butyrate results in increased circulating level in plasma and brain.
Butyrate has indeed a strong influence on the gut-brain axis: stimulating PYY, serotonin production. Butyrate also appears to stimulate lipid metabolism at the cellular level through increasing insulin sensitivity, adipocyte differentiation and glucose uptake.

 Advancia Academy 2019- Butyrate: from the Nutrient to the Messenger - Presentation
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