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Gut Health

Butyrate: a tool for a better gut health

85 views August 22, 2019

Speaker: Prof Joshua GONG Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Presentation: Butyrate has roles as...

Gut Health

Metabolic insight into the action of butyrate in the gut and beyond

158 views April 24, 2019

Speaker: Prof Kolapo AJUWON, Purdue Univ, USA Butyrate improves the gut integrity through...


Methionine and selenium as levers to improve meat quality in swine

122 views March 27, 2018

Speaker: Dr Mickaël Briens; Dr Dolores I. Batonon-Alavo, Adisseo, France Sulfur amino acids and...

Production Efficiency

How to improve sow nutrition for better piglet survival and better piglet quality

312 views March 27, 2018

Speaker: Dr Peter Kappel Theil, Senior Scientist, Aarhus University A better feeding management...

Product Quality

Meat conservation and further processing

50 views December 15, 2017

Speaker: Dr Mario ESTEVEZ (Extremadura University, Spain) Session 2: Producing desirable...