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Nutritional Requirements

Amino Acids beyond requirement

130 views March 04, 2021

Speakers: Prof Mike Kidd, Dr Jaap Van Milgen, Leen Wigboldus, Cécile Berri and Dr Pierre-André...

Nutritional Requirements

Webinar #5 : Formulating amino acids beyond building blocks

508 views March 04, 2021

Speakers: Prof Mike Kidd, Dr Jaap Van Milgen, Dr Pierre-André Geraert, Leen Wigboldus, Cécile...

Heat Stress

Lactating Cows: Heat Stress & Milk Production and Composition

133 views September 01, 2020

Speakers: Dr D.N. Coleman, Dr J. H. Carneiro, Dr P. A. LaPierre and Dr K.J. Harvatine Lactating...


Methyl donors from transition to lactation

482 views May 06, 2020

During this webinar Dr. Jose Santos, Animal Science, University of Florida, USA is presenting his...

Gut Health

Fibre fermentation and the possible role of butyrate in pig health

109 views November 08, 2019

Speaker: Dr Helle Nygaard LAERKE (Aarhus Univ, Denmark) Presentation: Butyrate, either...

Heat Stress

Mechanistic understanding of intestinal barrier dysfunction induced by heat stress

84 views August 22, 2019

Speaker: Prof Sami DRIDI Univ of Arkansas, USA Presentation: Understanding and mediating the...

Gut Health

Dietary modulation of gut microbial short-chain fatty acid metabolism

178 views April 24, 2019

Speaker: Dr Petra LOUIS, the Rowett Institute, Aberdeen, UK Microbiota has multiple functions...

Gut Health

Metabolic insight into the action of butyrate in the gut and beyond

158 views April 24, 2019

Speaker: Prof Kolapo AJUWON, Purdue Univ, USA Butyrate improves the gut integrity through...


Efficiency and Oxidative Metabolism: the difficult balance

138 views June 11, 2018

Speaker: Prof Walter BOTTJE Improving the oxidative metabolism of the mitochondria is key for...

Gut Health

The intestinal barrier integrity revisited

124 views December 15, 2017

Speaker: Yuming GUO A comprehensive review of the complexity of the intestinal barrier and the...