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Small Ruminants

85 views September 01, 2020

Speaker: Lahlou Bahloul, Centre of Expertise and Research in Nutrition, Adisseo France S.A.S.,...

Production Efficiency

#7/8 - Impact on Formulation

220 views May 07, 2020

Speakers: Dr Jean Noblet Based on his long scientific experience, we have asked Dr Jean Noblet...


Practical AA balancing and energy status

1,084 views May 06, 2020

For the session's questions and answers, click here. During this webinar Mike Van Amburgh,...

Production Efficiency

Swine: Managing Sows, Dr Uffe KROGH, Questions & Answers Session

47 views November 12, 2019

Poultry Swine Conferences 2019 Swine: Managing Sows Managing sows starts with improving...

Gut Health

Butyrate: a tool for a better gut health

85 views August 22, 2019

Speaker: Prof Joshua GONG Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Presentation: Butyrate has roles as...


From yolk to intestine: nutrient transfer for better quality chicks

45 views August 02, 2019

Speaker: Zehava Uni Hot Topics Plenary Session 6 - Hot topics ESPN 2019The 22nd European...

Production Efficiency

Focus on extended laying cycles

67 views August 01, 2019

Speaker: Cormac O'Shea Layers Plenary Session 2 – Nutrition of layers ESPN 2019The 22nd...

Production Efficiency

How to improve sow nutrition for better piglet survival and better piglet quality

312 views March 27, 2018

Speaker: Dr Peter Kappel Theil, Senior Scientist, Aarhus University A better feeding management...

Product Quality

Meat conservation and further processing

50 views December 15, 2017

Speaker: Dr Mario ESTEVEZ (Extremadura University, Spain) Session 2: Producing desirable...


Feedstuff quality from variation to its appraisals

170 views November 27, 2017

Speaker: Prof Gonzalo MATEOS (Madrid University, Spain) Session 1: Transforming feedstuffs...