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Webinar#3: Feedase The Global Feed Digestibility Approach

236 views March 04, 2021

Speakers: Prof K.E. Bach Knudsen, Prof M. Kidd, Dr J. Noblet and Pierre-André Geraert More...


Setting the Issues on Feedase The Global Feed Digestibility Approach

100 views March 04, 2021

Prof K.E. Bach Knudsen; Prof M. Kidd and Dr J. Noblet shared their expert insights regarding this...

Heat Stress

Lactating Cows: Heat Stress & Milk Production and Composition

182 views September 01, 2020

Speakers: Dr D.N. Coleman, Dr J. H. Carneiro, Dr P. A. LaPierre and Dr K.J. Harvatine Lactating...

Production Efficiency

#8/8 - NE & performance

395 views June 16, 2020

Speaker: Dr Jean Noblet Based on his long scientific experience, we have asked Dr Jean Noblet to...

Nutritional Requirements

Transition cow: Performance, Health & Reproduction

388 views March 27, 2020

Speaker: Phil Cardoso, DVM, PhD Associate Professor, University of Illinois, USA Presentation:...


Diversity of polysaccharides and consequences for their enzymatic degradation

98 views November 12, 2019

Speaker: Dr Estelle BONNIN (BIA, INRA Nantes, France) Presentation: Polysaccharides are very...

Production Efficiency

Maximizing sow productivity, nutritional aspects and characteristics of lactating sows

66 views November 08, 2019

Speaker: Dr Uffe KROGH (Swine Research Centre, INRA Rennes, France) Presentation: Nutritional...

Environment Impact

Towards a more sustainable pig production: importance of nutrition

70 views October 31, 2019

Speaker: Dr Jean-Yves DOURMAD (Swine Research Centre, INRA Rennes, France) Presentation: The...

Feed Technology

Feedase: a new approach of enzyme solutions

127 views October 31, 2019

Speaker: Marcio CECCANTINI (Tech Support Feed Dig, Adisseo, France) Presentation: Feed enzymes...

Heat Stress

Mechanistic understanding of intestinal barrier dysfunction induced by heat stress

115 views August 22, 2019

Speaker: Prof Sami DRIDI Univ of Arkansas, USA Presentation: Understanding and mediating the...


Effects of corn kernel hardness, grain drying temperature and amylase in diets for broiler chickens

83 views August 02, 2019

Speaker: Edgar OVIEDO-RONDON Hot TopicsPlenary Session 6 - Hot topics ESPN 2019The 22nd...