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Gut Health

OIE/WHO welcomes Alternatives To Antibiotics Conference in Paris

101 views March 04, 2021

Speakers: Dr. Monique Eloit (O.I.E General Manager) and Dr Pierre André Geraert Dr. Monique...

Gut Health

Webinar #2: Understanding Gut Health in poultry production

432 views March 04, 2021

Speakers: Prof Theo Niewold; Prof Filip Van Immerseel and Dr. Pierre-André Geraert Watch more...

Gut Health

Gerard Bertin interview on Regulations and Alternatives to Antibiotics

73 views March 04, 2021

Interview of Dr. Gérard Bertin (Secretary of European Probiotic Association-EPA) made during the...

Gut Health

Understanding Gut Health in poultry production Roundtable

207 views March 04, 2021

Prof Filip van Immerseel and Prof Theo Niewold share their expert insights on Gut Health in...

Gut Health

Nutrition rebalancing under antibiotic-free strategies and challenging conditions

112 views August 22, 2019

Speaker: Dr Mike PERSIA Virginia Tech, USA Presentation: Digestive pathogens affect amino acid...

Gut Health

How various non-AGP strategies can reduce the systemic effects of inflammation

89 views August 22, 2019

Speaker: Dr Doug KORVER Univ of Alberta, Canada Presentation: Non-antibiotic strategies to...

Gut Health

Using meta-technologies in understanding how the microbiota affects intestinal health

301 views July 02, 2019

Speaker: Prof Joël DORE, MICALIS, Metagenopolis, INRA, Paris, France We are an ecosystem, in...


What is an ideal feed additive for broilers and how can we assess this?

278 views July 02, 2019

Speaker: Prof Steven RICKE, Director of Food Safety, Univ of Arkansas, USA Alternative to...

Gut Health

Antibiotics, probiotics and anti-virulence: balancing efficacy and evolution

107 views July 02, 2019

Speaker: Prof Sam BROWN, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA Drug resistance is an important...

Gut Health

Gut microbiota as the gate to the organism: modulating and filtering nutrients

85 views June 28, 2019

Speaker: Prof Marc-André SELOSSE (NMNH, France) Presentation: The gut microbiota can be...


Sociologie des usages d'antibiotiques en élevage avicole

97 views April 01, 2019

Speaker: Mathilde PAUL (UMR INRA ENVT) JRA 2019 - 13th Poultry Research Days, Tours, France The...

Heat Stress

Rearing birds without AGP under heat challenge

85 views May 28, 2018

Speakers: Prof Richard DUCATELLE; Prof Mingan CHOCT and Dr Ferry POERNAMA The complexity of...