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Gut Health

Interaction between nutrition, immunity, the gut microbiome and poultry health

46 views August 01, 2019

Speaker: Mike Kogut Gut healthPlenary Session 3 – Gut health – take on new approaches ESPN...

Gut Health

Campylobacter is not a commensal in chickens and compromises gut health and performance

132 views July 02, 2019

Speaker: Dr Lisa WILLIAMS, Swansea, UK Campylobacter is not a harmless commensal, affecting...

Gut Health

Steering immune responses using nutritional interventions: should it be pro- or anti-inflammatory?

131 views July 02, 2019

Speaker: Prof Adrian SMITH, Oxford, UK How can we analyze nutritional interventions? Assessing...

Gut Health

Gut microbiota as the gate to the organism: modulating and filtering nutrients

35 views June 28, 2019

Speaker: Prof Marc-André SELOSSE (NMNH, France) Presentation: The gut microbiota can be...

Gut Health

Prof Marc-André SELOSSE - Teaser - Advancia Academy on Variability

69 views June 27, 2019

Presentation: Gut microbiota as the gate to the organism: modulating and filtering nutrients...

Gut Health

Deeper in the relationships between gut, microbiota and human health

68 views December 05, 2018

Speaker: Prof Emeran Mayer Our relationship with microbiota: a question of homeostasis....


From Oxidative stress to Inflammation: redox balance and immune system

100 views June 11, 2018

Speaker: Prof Charlotte LAURIDSEN An optimized antioxidant balance, particularly vitamin E and...

Heat Stress

Raising poultry in hot tropical environment

1,781 views April 05, 2018

Speaker: Dr Ferry Poernama, Feed Tech Nutrition Director, Japfa Comfeed, Jakarta, Indonesia...

Heat Stress

The gut under hot climates: challenging microbiota

372 views April 05, 2018

Speaker: Prof Richard Ducatelle, Ghent University, Belgium The most metabolically active cells...

Heat Stress

Diet amino acid considerations in poultry under stress

1,714 views April 05, 2018

Speaker: Prof Mike Kidd, Centre of Excellence in Poultry Research, Univ of Arkansas, USA Heat...

Production Efficiency

Sulfur amino acids and organic selenium can improve piglet performance and resistance to stress

114 views March 27, 2018

Speakers: Dr Mickaël Briens and Dr Dolores I. Batonon-Alavo, ADISSEO, France Sulfur amino acids...

Production Efficiency

Defining and evaluating biological variables associated with robustness of piglets

175 views March 27, 2018

Speaker: Dr. Elodie Merlot, INRA, France Robust weaned piglets show optimal growth without...