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Setting the Issues on Oxidative Stress in Animal Production

77 views March 04, 2021

Speakers: Prof Peter Surai, Dr Mario Estevez and Dr Pierre-André Geraert Prof Peter Surai and...


Webinar #4: Meat Quality issues beyond myopathies

165 views March 03, 2021

Dr Cécile Berri; Prof Massimiliano Petracci; Paul Lopez and Pierre-André Geraert held this...


Drip loss situation in the field

57 views March 03, 2021

Cécile Berri; Prof Massimiliano Petracci and Paul Lopez share their insights around this topic....

Feed intake & Palatability

Appetite and early conditioning, keys to adapt to hot conditions

45 views May 28, 2018

Spaekers: Dr Cécile BERRI ; Dr Anne COLLIN and Prof Eugeni ROURA Conditioning the birds early in...

Heat Stress

Muscle biology and meat quality

554 views April 05, 2018

Speaker: Dr Cécile Berri, Poultry Research Unit, BOA, INRA, France Heat-exposed birds will...


The final objective: producing desirable meat

28 views December 15, 2017

Speakers: Prof Peter SURAI and Dr Mario ESTEVEZ Roundtable Session 2: Producing desirable meat,...


Meat defaults: what do we know on their etiology and solutions?

251 views December 15, 2017

Speaker: Dr Massimiliano PETRACCI (Bologna University, Italy) Session 2: Producing desirable...

Product Quality

From muscle to meat: physiological and metabolic basis

112 views December 15, 2017

Speaker: Dr Michel DUCLOS (INRA, France) Session 2: Producing desirable meat, ADVANCIA...