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Gut Health

Advancia_DPP2022#8_piglet transition weaning phase

50 views June 13, 2022

Starting an optimal instestine functionning with pre-weaning feeding strategies, a helper for the...

Feed intake & Palatability

Advancia_DPP2022#6_piglet nutritional strategy

67 views June 13, 2022

Management and nutritional strategies to increase post weaning feed intake and reduce reliance on...

Feed intake & Palatability

Advancia_DPP2022#5_help piglet eating

63 views June 13, 2022

The challenge with piglets - getting them to eat In swine industry, the focus is on...


Setting the Issues on Oxidative Stress in Animal Production

116 views March 04, 2021

Speakers: Prof Peter Surai, Dr Mario Estevez and Dr Pierre-André Geraert Prof Peter Surai and...

Nutritional Requirements

Webinar #11 - Net Energy, Feed Formulation and animal performance: How to move from theory to practice?

558 views October 07, 2020

Speakers: Dr Jean Noblet, Dr Pierre-André Geraert and Pierre Cozannet Last June, we completed...

Production Efficiency

Maximizing sow productivity, nutritional aspects and characteristics of lactating sows

130 views November 08, 2019

Speaker: Dr Uffe KROGH (Swine Research Centre, INRA Rennes, France) Presentation: Nutritional...

Gut Health

Fibre fermentation and the possible role of butyrate in pig health

308 views November 08, 2019

Speaker: Dr Helle Nygaard LAERKE (Aarhus Univ, Denmark) Presentation: Butyrate, either...


Electrolyte balance in pig and sow diets: an often forgotten feed formulation element

573 views March 27, 2018

Speaker: Dr. Nathalie Quiniou, IFIP, Rennes, France Low protein diets are further developing in...

Production Efficiency

Sulfur amino acids and organic selenium can improve piglet performance and resistance to stress

205 views March 27, 2018

Speakers: Dr Mickaël Briens and Dr Dolores I. Batonon-Alavo, ADISSEO, France Sulfur amino acids...

Production Efficiency

Defining and evaluating biological variables associated with robustness of piglets

365 views March 27, 2018

Speaker: Dr. Elodie Merlot, INRA, France Robust weaned piglets show optimal growth without...


For a better piglet quality: Managing the sows and the piglets

109 views March 27, 2018

Speakers: Dr Peter Kappel Theil; Dr Elodie Merlot; Ard van Enckevort Fibres, a key lever to...